Robredo to do a mind-boggling ‘Hadouken Hame Wave undemocratic chaos’ if she’ll lose (which is highly possible) in the coming elections

Robredo to do a mind-boggling ‘Hadouken Hame Wave undemocratic chaos’ if she’ll lose (which is highly possible) in the coming elections

FACT CHECK: Rappler’s fact-check material, entitled, “HINDI TOTOO: Sinabi ni Robredo na magkakagulo kung siya’y matalo sa eleksyon”

Rappler released the article on April 17, 2022, stating that there was never a report, documentation, or a video that clearly attributes to Mrs. Robredo the seditious statement or the threat of destabilization to be allegedly initiated by the “dilawans” when she loses (as may be expected) in the coming elections.

This article was posted after the former secretary of National Defense of the Philippines Norberto Gonzales in a joint press conference held on April 17, 2022, said that the pattern of recent movements of “yellows” are apparent threats to national security.

Meanwhile, posts online by netizens in support of Mrs. Robredo imply that another revolution is likely to occur once she loses the elections.

Is Rappler telling the truth?

Rating: False! The threat of chaos in case yellows lose the presidency, need not come from Mrs. Robredo’s lips. Her silence on the matter alone already encourages everyone around her to continue circulating this threat of undemocratic disruption.

Rappler’s fact-check report is an insult to the expertise and intelligence reports of government agencies and experts on a reported plot to disrupt the results of the elections. This concern and analysis came from the chief of the land himself, President Duterte, as well as from former secretary Norberto Gonzales of the National Defense of the Philippines and national security adviser during the term of former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and former police general Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson.

In his PTV-4 and SMNI appearances in March 2022, President Duterte has revealed that the political parties are infiltrated by communists who are also conniving with the “yellows.”

The “yellows” aka Liberal Party is led by its chairperson Mrs. Robredo herself and its president Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

Also in March, former NPA cadre Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz disclosed information that the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) legal fronts have infiltrated the camp of Leni Robredo. As a response, Senator Lacson also affirmed that this exposes jibes with his own intel report.

Gonzales also expressed during April 17, 2022, joint press conference, that it already manifests as a terrorist tactic when the camp of Mrs. Robredo resorts to trying to bribe other presidential candidates to withdraw from the elections, just so to bring down a Marcos, after the consistent results of all national methodological and reputable surveys pointing to the latter’s inevitable win.

Also, an extremely grave concern is the move of the yellows and communists to condition the minds of Filipinos that a revolution would happen when Marcos is finally elected to the executive position.

This is a national security matter and Rappler and the rest of the yellow gang are deceiving the Filipino people into believing otherwise.

Rappler, generally perceived to be bending truths for the yellows, Mrs. Robredo, and the communists, is doing arguably good in forwarding a western agenda to remain in control over the Philippines.

Conclusion: The recent development from the unity talks of Sen. Lacson, Sec. Gonzales, Mayor Isko Domagoso, and Sen. Manny Pacquiao along with vice presidential candidates Dr. Willie Ong and Sen. Tito Sotto III on April 17, 2022, only shows that Mrs. Robredo, the yellows and the terrorist-declared communists are conniving to bungle the May 2022 elections results.

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Fact-check by: Juana Adlaw


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