Decades-old Amoranto Sports Complex gets much-needed makeover

Decades-old Amoranto Sports Complex gets much-needed makeover

By Rjhay E Laurea

MANILA — In an effort to further the city’s program on sports and harness the talents of local athletes, the Quezon City government is embarking on a multi-million-peso renovation project of the decades-old Amoranto Sports Complex along Roces Avenue.

The master plan covers the work of new sports centers such as the Amoranto Arena which will have an estimated seating capacity of 3,500 for basketball and boxing fights aside from other big ticket sports events.

The construction is now in full swing even as the renovation project implementor said the whole refurbishment project could be finished within the year 2022.

For swimming training and competition, the Amoranto Swimming Pool is now also being fixed to conform to Olympic standards complete with 10 swimming lanes and an elevated pool deck.

Meanwhile, the tennis court area of the two-story Amoranto Indoor Sports Facility is also due for completion this year.

The other areas of the sports center shall start construction soon. Amoranto can host sports competitions as its design is based on local and international standards.

Photo by lakansining.wordpress and wikimedia commons

“The Amoranto Sports Complex should be a space where our home-grown athletes can train and improve their skills. With this master plan, we are renovating not just training facilities but also spaces where QC can host competitions and other public gatherings for QCitizens and guests,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

A five-story parking building is also being built in anticipation of higher volume of cars and people during an event. When finished, this can hold more than 300 cars, motorcycles, and bikes the contractor said. A special area is also designated for buses.

The city government is also planning to upgrade the existing grandstand and the track and field oval.

Built in 1960 on a 5.8 hectare land in Barangay Paligsahan in Quezon City, the sports complex is made up of a grandstand with main stadium, an eight-lane track, and field oval, bleachers, and a gymnasium.

It also has tennis courts, badminton courts, martial arts facility, a swimming pool, and other facilities for different sports activities, studies on fixing the existing track for bicycles are being undertaken. (ai/mtvn)

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