BBM to beef up disaster response capabilities in typhoon-prone areas

BBM to beef up disaster response capabilities in typhoon-prone areas

MANILA — Presidental frontrunner Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. has assured the public that he will improve the response time and capabilities of all relevant government agencies during typhoons if elected president in the coming May 9 elections.

He said it was part of his many programs to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change in the country.

Marcos issued the statement during a virtual press conference with local media from Bicol and Western Visayas Regions Wednesday morning, when asked of his program of actions in the typhoon-prone provinces.

“What’s important is the immediacy of our response time. We should have everything already in place, in every place, and an evacuation plan as to where people can go,” said Marcos.

“All of the relief goods have to be delivered immediately.,” the presidential frontrunner added.

To improve the response time, Marcos said the government must invest in the procurement of equipments and other ( disaster) capabilities of every city and municipality of the country.

“On the government end we really have to beef up our ( capabilities), yung tinatawag na civil defense yang mga helicopter natin, yung mga C130, all of these airlift capabilities that we need so that we can immediately respond to any disaster,” Marcos noted.

Marcos said he is aware of the possible effects of global warming and climate change in the country as we must immediately plan to mitigate the impact.

“Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world when it comes to global warming and climate change, so talagang ang maari nating tingnan ay preparation and mitigation,” he explained.

“Scientists have been proving right for years, they have been telling us that when global warming comes what will happened is we will have more severe weather. Nakikita na natin yun” Marcos also said.

The presidential candidate said, his government will learn from the lessons from the past typhoons.

“We have to mitigate. What we can do is learn the lessons from typhoons Yolanda, from Odette, from Agaton that we have to be really very very careful about where we build our structure and where we build the home of the people,” Marcos stressed.

Earlier, Marcos also announced that he will develop a comprehensive internet-based Disaster Risk Information Roadmap as part of his program to protect the general population and environment from the ill effects of natural disasters.

He added that part of his priority program is environment protection and preservation as he stressed the need to institute policy reforms and programs which will create a harmonious balance between economic development and the environment.

“Nature has its rights that should be protected. It should be allowed to flourish, reproduce and attain its abundance side by side with human civilization in perfect balance and harmony with our growing communities,” he said during a recent sidelines interview while on a provincial sortie. (Ismael Amigo/mtvn)

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