BizNewsAsia predicts BBM will win by 26 million votes; to become country’s 17th president

BizNewsAsia predicts BBM will win by 26 million votes; to become country’s 17th president

MANILA — The BizNewsAsia, the Philippines largest weekly news, and business magazine reported that all the major surveys in the country indicate presidential frontrunner, former Sen. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr., who is number 7 on the official Comelec ballot, will win the presidency on May 9, 2022, by a huge margin of 20-26 million votes.

On its cover page written by veteran and respectable journalist Antonio Lopez, the magazine also said that it is game over for Leni Robredo, the closest rival of Marcos in the presidential race.

“It’s game over for Vice Pres. Leni Robredo’s presidential candidacy. All the major polls indicate former Sen. Ferdinand Romualdez “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., will win the presidency on May 9, 2022, hands down, by wide margins of anywhere, from 20 million to 26 million votes,” the magazine reported.

“Marcos ran on a platform to unify the country. Robredo’s battle cry was to fight the Marcoses and prevent them from regaining presidential power. The call gained little if any, traction and her poll ratings stagnated in the 20s or below,” it added.

The BizNewsAsia cited the April 2-6 OCTA Research survey where Marcos won, 57% vs. Robredo’s 22%, a distance of 21 million votes in Marcos’ favor.

The magazine also noted the Laylo Research poll of April 14-20 where Marcos scored 64% against Robredo’s 21%, a difference of 43 points equivalent to 25.8 million votes.

Meanwhile, in the Publicus Asia poll of April 19-21, Marcos was steady at 57% against Robredo’s 21% giving BBM a potential margin of 21.5 million votes.

In the Manila Bulletin-Tangere April 20-22 survey, Marcos enjoyed a 51.54 share of the vote.

Robredo was a dismal third, with 18.25%. BBM is ahead by 33.29 points equivalent to 20 million votes.

“Averaging these four April 2022 surveys (OCTA, Laylo, Publicus and Tangere) shows BBM with a commanding 57.38% share of the vote, nearly a three-to-one advantage over Robredo’s 20.56%,” the BizNewsAsia noted.

It also said that a 57.38% voting preference translates into 34.42 million votes for Marcos.

A 20.56% cut indicates Leni will garner 12.33 million votes, a huge 22 -million-vote deficit to BBM’s 34.42 million votes.(ai/mtvn)

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