SIBOL Wild Rift women’s team sweeps opposition in 31st SEAG

SIBOL Wild Rift women’s team sweeps opposition in 31st SEAG

By Tracy Cabrera

L-R: ‘Hell Girl’ Rose Anne Marie Robles, Giana Joanne ‘Jeeya’ Llanes, Christine ‘Rayray’ Natividad, April Mae ‘Aeae’ Valiente, Charize Joyed ‘Yugen’ Doble and Angel Danica ‘Angelailaila’ Lozada. (Photo: ONE Esports Philippines)

HANOI, VIETNAM — With the Philippines retaining its third-place finish in the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEAG), SIBOL Women’s Wild Rift debuted in an undefeated 4-0 run en route to sweeping the opposition in what could be a rousing e-Sport start in the biennial meet.

The Pinays first faced off against Team Thailand with a composition of gamers drafted with sheer confidence and they couldn’t have asked for a better start to their campaign when they defeated Thailand with a staggering 16K+ gold lead.
For Game 2, they edged Singapore with ease, entering the match in high spirits, which was evident with Angel Danica ‘Angelailaila’ Lozada’s cartwheel entrance. The entire team brought out their absolute best, too, with Giana Joanne ‘Jeeya’ Llanes unloading a 100 percent ‘kill participation rate’ on Yuumi, Charize Joyed ‘Yugen’ Doble’s Vayne scoring a triple kill that resulted in an ace, Christine ‘Rayray’ Natividad’s Galio ultimate setups derailing the enemy team’s comeback attempts during team fights and Rose Ann Marie ‘Hellgirl’ Robles on Irelia dismantling their enemies from the backline.

But the triumphant outcome was the overpowering performance of Angelailaila over Xin Zhao, who did her job fantastically as a primary engage. The Grind Sky Eris roster simply continued head-on to outclass Laos on Game 3—from the draft to the skirmishes, they perfectly read the opposition like a well-planned map to a strategic victory. The constant harassment of the enemy dragon lane provided them with a massive breathing room early in the match as they snowballed so hard that the game concluded in just less than 13 minutes.

Moving on steadily, the Filipina squad then capped off a fantastic opening day with yet another win against upstart Vietnam, and with nothing standing in their way, the team simply stepped on the gas to the metal and never looked back.

They gave life to the much-theory-crafted dragon lane duo of Nasus (Jeeya) and Senna (Yugen) and successfully pulled it off to end the game 20-4.
In one of their post-match interviews, Angelailaila stated that they were just enjoying the game and had been looking forward to the SEA Games since last year. (ai/mtvn)

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