From Borbon to Borboom, Mayor Dotillos ushers int’l port, agri-industrial dev’t

From Borbon to Borboom, Mayor Dotillos ushers int’l port, agri-industrial dev’t

Re-elected Mayor Noel Dotillos

By Junex Doronio
May 31, 2022

BORBON, Cebu — Energized by his landslide win in the recently-concluded polls, reelected Mayor Noel Dotillos has fired up some steps to realize his vision to build an international port and put up industries alongside developed agriculture that uplift the quality of living of Borbonanons.

Dotillos told Maharlika TV in an exclusive interview that they are now laying the groundworks for the reclamation of a large area that will be the site of his envisioned international port that will serve both local and ocean-going vessels.

“We will build a large port in our reclamation site and this will not only serve our neighboring islands but also the ocean-going vessels may dock. Yes, we intend it to be an international port and we will be inviting investors and put up an economic zone just like in Subic,” Dotillos said.

When asked if he will agree to have a Subport of the Bureau of Customs, Dotillos said “yes”.

He added that aside from the port, the future reclamation area will also have a “wholesome nightlife.”

Meanwhile, with the signing into law of the establishment of state-funded Cebu Technological University in this municipality, the Borbonanons profusely thanked Dotillos for donating two hectares of his personal property in Barangay Cadaruhan where the CTU campus will be constructed.

Dotillos expressed gratitude to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who signed last April 27 Republic Act (RA) 11751 principally authored by reelected Cebu 5th District Rep. Vincent Franco “Duke” Frasco.

He also lauded the outgoing President for his strong campaign against illegal drugs that “saved many of our youth from the menace of drug addiction.”

Dotillos said he is hoping that the incoming BBM administration will continue all the positive gains of the Duterte administration. (ai/mtvn)

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