Kusug Tausug party-list solon hits Raissa Robles for ‘sarcastic’ tweet, spreading ‘falsehoods’

Kusug Tausug party-list solon hits Raissa Robles for ‘sarcastic’ tweet, spreading ‘falsehoods’

Kusug Tausug party-list Representative Shernee Tan-Tambut (Pilipino Mirror Courtesy)

By Junex Doronio
June 4, 2022

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu — Apparently pissed off by the sarcastic, if not insulting tweet by anti-Marcos author Raissa Robles, Kusug Tausug party-list Representative Shernee Tan-Tambut sharply rebuked the Manila-based correspondent of a foreign newspaper for projecting Mindanao unfavorable to tourism.

In her open letter to Robles, the Kusug Tausug lawmaker cited Robles’ “sarcastic” Twitter post on June 2 in reaction to the plan of incoming Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco to open up Mindanao to tourism.

“I strongly protest the ugly picture you project of Mindanao, particularly its Muslim provinces, as the stronghold of kidnappers and bandits,” Tan-Tambut said on behalf of the people of Sulu and other Muslim Mindanao provinces.

The congresswoman took offense to Robles’ Twitter post: “Apparently, Frasco would like to open up Mindanao to tourism. I’m sure the extremist Abu Sayyaf and other bandits would be pleased by the prospects of so many potential kidnap victims. Way to go, Frasco. Prep for ransom negotiations…”

Frasco, mayor of Liloan town in northern Cebu and daughter of reelected Governor Gwen Garcia, also serves as the spokesperson of Vice President-elect Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio.

“I am utterly dismayed that a journalist like you, with connections to international papers, would carelessly suggest in a public forum like Twitter that tourists in Mindanao will be sitting ducks for kidnappers and other criminals. That is totally untrue. Mindanao is peaceful and progressive and its Muslim provinces are doing their best to contribute to our nation’s growth,” Tan-Tambut further said.

She added that Robles as “a responsible journalist,” she should be “duty-bound to put fairness and facts.”

The Kusug Tausug congresswoman also noted the anti-Marcos bias of Robles that seemingly clouded her objectivity.

“Your overpowering dislike for the President-elect should not give you a reason to pass unfounded judgment on policies that are yet to be implemented; neither should it give you a license to make false assumptions that mock the efforts of the Muslim Mindanao provinces to maintain peace and stability so that they can draw in investors and tourists,” Tan-Tambut pointed out.

Robles is the author of the book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again. She is also also the senior Manila correspondent of South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

“Please do not spread falsehoods and damage the achievements of the Muslim Mindanao provinces to keep the peace,” the solon appealed.

Tan-Tambut invited Robles to Sulu, Tawi-tawi and Zamboanga City and said that she would personally accompany the acerbic journalist “to experience the peacefulness of some southern Mindanao provinces.” (ai/mtvn)

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