No more red-tagging under BBM admin, incoming National Security Adviser Carlos says

No more red-tagging under BBM admin, incoming National Security Adviser Carlos says

By Junex Doronio
June 9, 2022

MANILA — Veering away from the “militarist” approach to crush the 52-year-old insurgency, incoming National Security Adviser Clarita Carlos on Thursday blatantly said it was wrong for the Philippines to copy the concept of national security from the United States.

At the same time, Carlos dumped red-tagging, saying that nothing can be gained from it, and that the Marcos administration should better focus on addressing the root causes of insurgency which are injustice and the lack of opportunity.

“Siguro [perhaps] let’s not use labels. Wala naman tayong mahihita nang ganyan [we gain nothing if] we keep on labelling people,” Carlos said in an interview on GMA News’ Unang Balita.

A retired University of the Philippines (UP) professor, Carlos noted that instead of accusing personalities as communist rebels, the BBM administration would address the lack of opportunity and injustice that are the apparent root causes of insurgency.

“Pakialaman na lang natin, let’s put our energy on operational aspects of really rooting, looking at the roots of insurgency, yung lack of opportunity, yung injustice na hindi naa-address,” Carlos said.

She explained that national security also covers the “economic life” of the country, saying that human, food, energy, and water security should all be considered.

“National security is human security. Ano yung threat sa buhay mo [What is a threat to your life] as an individual,” Carlos pointed out.

On the controversial issue of Chinese incursions into the Philippine territory, Carlos said the BBM administration will adopt a critical engagement with China.

“Yes, critical engagement with China would be the way to go and President Marcos already noted it will still be enhanced on all levels,” the incoming national security adviser said. ai/mtvn

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