QC gov’t files formal complaint vs ‘fixer’

QC gov’t files formal complaint vs ‘fixer’

By Rjhay E. Laurea

MANILA — Through the Persons-with-Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), the Quezon City government arrested an individual who submitted fake documents in an effort to acquire many Persons-with-Disability (PWDs) identification cards.

A staff member of PDAO marked the application of four PWD ID applicants who have forged signatures of medical professionals on their medical certificates. The applications were filed by only one person, who was said to be the applicants’ authorized representative.

The PDAO staff, along with representatives from the City Legal Department, asked for the assistance of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) in arresting the alleged fixer. The suspect is currently detained by the QCPD and is set to undergo inquest proceedings.

QC PDAO officer-in-charge Ms. Debbie Dacanay warned those who will attempt to fake or forge necessary documents in PWD ID registration: “The City Government will not take this issue lightly, and we will continue to apprehend and file complaints against these fixers. We also encourage PWDs to utilize our QC E-Services in applying for PWD/QC ID where they can register online for free.”

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has already tapped the QC General Hospital to give a free medical assessment on non-apparent disorders for indigent PWD applicants, upon referral of the QC PDAO.

On the other hand, Vice Mayor Gian Sotto called on QCitizens to refrain from transacting with fixers.

“To our residents, do not transact with fixers because the city government is working hard to make the ID application process easier. QC E-Services where you can apply online for free is already up and running,” Sotto said.

“The QC Government, led by Mayor Joy Belmonte, is working very hard to fight for good governance, transparency, and transforming the culture of public service in our city. That is why we are continuously improving our online services to ensure that there is no place for middlemen or fixers who only take advantage of our QCitizens,” the vice mayor added.

PWDs who wish to apply for a QCID may register online at the QC E-Services portal, via their respective District Action Offices or Barangay Halls, or in person at the QC PDAO Office in City Hall. (ai/mtvn)

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