‘To err is human; to forgive, divine’

‘To err is human; to forgive, divine’

FACT-CHECK: Facts, nothing but facts, accuracy in reporting for a squeaky clean delivery of news to the public, readers, and viewers. This is a must in Journalism 101.

And to avoid being tagged as peddlers of fake news, again, accuracy still is the name of the game.

Lately, however, it seems that a mainstream media outlet in News5 erred big time as it fell victim to its own shortcomings over one very important news report involving the appointment of former Mindanao Rep. Antonio Lagdameo Jr. as Special Assistant to incoming President Bongbong Marcos.

CASE IN POINT: News5 has reported that Rep. Antonio Lagdameo Jr. has been named special assistant to the President.

Fine. That’s accurate.

The news report was accurate but, News5 bungled it big time by copy-pasting the WRONG PHOTO on its news report last May 26, 2022.

And OMG! The big mistake has to be inadvertently repeated again by News5 as it shared on its Twitter account the same photo, that of Rep. Antonio Lagdameo Jr.’s father — Antonio Lagdameo, Sr.

The narrative on its post also stated that the son of Antonio Lagdameo Senior — Anton Lagdameo Jr. — is being nominated Special Assistant by President-elect Bongbong Marcos Jr.


“Rep. Antonio Lagdameo, itatalaga bilang Special Assistant to the President.

Si Lagdameo ay isa sa mga matalik na kaibigan ni President-elect Bongbong Marcos Jr.
Ikinampanya rin ng mambabatas ang Pangulo nang tumakbo ito sa pagka-bise presidente noon 2016.

Matagal na ring magkaalyado sa pulitika ang mga Marcos at ang Floirendo-Lagdameo clan ng Mindanao.”

The tweet narrative said but was later deleted by News5 but as you know, the whale of a Journalism 101 mistake quickly scattered like wildfire.

Quo Vadis mainstream media? What’s going on, News5?

Rating: Faulty News Reporting!

As everyone knows, the young Lagdameo is the husband of multi-awarded veteran actress, Dawn Zulueta and he was appointed as BBM’s SAP as he is one among the incoming President’s select circle of friends aside from being a long-time political ally of the Marcoses.

News5’s tweet was removed as soon as its editorial news desk discovered the flap but a good number of netizens already feasted on it.

One of them is a Twitter user who goes by the name “The Buried Lead by Ramon Ortoll.”

Said he, “Eto naman mali yung retrato. Tatay to ni Anton Lagdameo. Ano ba nangyayari sa mga news outlets? Natatanga?” (The Buried Lead by Ramon Ortoll tweet caption).

The identical News5 item was issued again on May 27, 2022, but this time it was assured that the bits of information was right, as well as the photo.

Now-deleted false report of News5:
Profile of Antonio Lagdameo:
Son of Antonio Lagdameo, Rep. Antonio Lagdameo Jr. who will be the Special Assistant for President-elect Marcos Jr.
President-elect Marcos Jr. made public his nomination for Rep. Anton Lagdameo Jr. as his Special Assistant.
Fact-Checked by: Eco Alfaro
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