Groups support SBG’s advocacy to use sports in the fight against illegal drugs

Groups support SBG’s advocacy to use sports in the fight against illegal drugs

Incumbent senator Christopher Go believe fight against illegal drugs must continue. (Photo: Daily Tribune)

By Tracy Cabrera

EASTWOOD CITY, QUEZON CITY — Senator Christopher Lawrence ‘Bong’ Go (SBG) has underscored the importance of sports in the fight against illegal drugs and criminality and this has elicited positive response from groups involved in sports programs, particularly the esports community.

In an earlier statement, Go, chairman of the Senate committee on sports and health, enthused that “sports not only teaches discipline and fosters unity but also provides our children a chance for a better life while bringing honor to our country.”

The former businessman-turned-lawmaker added that he strongly believes by promoting long-term sports development in the country, (government) will not only be able to drive young Filipinos away from illegal drugs but can also mold them into the next generation of (world-class) athletes.

“This is one of the reasons why I adamantly pushed for the creation of the National Academy of Sports (NAS),” he disclosed while noting that it had been a long-time dream of outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte to establish a dedicated academy for promising young athletes that would facilitate their training while providing them quality education.

In support of the senator’s advocacy of promoting sports as one way of addressing the country’s problems on illegal drugs, GrindSky Media, which is involved in several esports activities, mentioned the huge attraction that gaming has shown among the youth and even adults and the old.

In an exclusive interview, GrindSky Media chief-executive-officer Donn Baloloy opined that on its own, esports can easily draw many of our countrymen into several activities that would help them avoid getting involved in crime such as using illegal drugs.

“We have already proven that many of our young ones have cast aside their vices like using drugs and are now deeply into gaming and just recently we have seen our GrindSky Eris team win the gold in the recent Southwast Asian Games Women’s Wild Rift competitions in Vietnam,” Baloloy proudly revealed.


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