Parliamentary system shift pushed under BBM admin

Parliamentary system shift pushed under BBM admin

By Junex Doronio
June 20, 2022

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu — Stressing that it is now time to move forward to a more politically stable and economically developed nation, a humanist socialist group led by a descendant of Lapu-Lapu and supportive of the BBM-Sara administration asked the incoming Congress to consider a shift to a parliamentary system.

In a statement, the Maharlika Solidarity (MASO) — which supported the BBM-Sara UniTeam in the recently-concluded polls — noted that many of the advanced and developed countries are having parliamentary system like Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

“It’s time to reform the country’s politics and move on from popularity and money-based elections by adopting the Parliamentary System wherein the Members of the Parliament (MPs) will be elected by the people based on their integrity, principles, and platform of their political parties,” MASO convenor Khalid Mundo said.

In the blog “Celebrating Lapu-Lapu’s Genealogy” dated April 27, 2013, it was written that: “The Pagobo and Baring families of Mactan and the Mundo family of Borbon, both in Cebu province, claim that they are modern-day blood relatives of the hero of Mactan.”

MASO also pointed out that under the parliamentary system it will be speedier to pass bills into law since there will be only a single legislative body.

“Hindi tulad ngayon na halimbawa maipasa man ng mga kongresista ang panukalang-batas ng diborsyo pagdating sa Senado ay hindi naman ito palulusutin ng mga senador,” Mundo noted.

Under the envisioned parliamentary system, MASO said the Prime Minister, who will serve as head of government, will be elected from among the MPs and will be removed anytime by the Parliament if ever he is proven to have committed grave abuses and has betrayed public trust.

MASO advocates a multi-party system and market socialism that does not encourage total government control.

The humanist socialist group also strongly abhors armed rebellion as “inhumane” and all forms of terroristic activities. (ai/mtvn)

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