Belmonte confident that 100% of business owners will embrace QC Biz Easy by end of 2022

Belmonte confident that 100% of business owners will embrace QC Biz Easy by end of 2022

By Rjhay E. Laurea

QlMANILA — Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte is confident that by the end of 2022, 100% of business owners operating within her jurisdiction will embrace the digital and online system when transacting with the city government.

“We are confident that once our taxpayers get acquainted with this new online system, more and more business owners will embrace it due to its many conveniences and advantages,” Belmonte said during the recently concluded relaunch of Philippine Business Hub held in Quezon City Hall.

She reported that current data shows almost 95% of the permits that were issued by the city government since January 2022 to date, for both new businesses and renewals, were filed through the QC Biz Easy online business permitting platform.

“We are confident that by the end of 2022, 100% of our business owners would have embraced QC Biz Easy,” she added.

QC BPLD head Margarita Santos (extreme right) and City Administrator Michael Alimurong (2nd from right) represented Mayor Joy Belmonte during the press conference and open forum of the PBH Relaunch.

The local chief executive disclosed the increase in numbers of business owners using the digital platform means they have successfully upgraded the city’s services from “economy class”, that is hard copies and long lines, to “business class”, that is digital and online.

“We believe that these innovations were pivotal in Quezon City’s having received the distinction of being the Most Competitive Highly-Urbanized City and the largest revenue generator in the country in 2021,” Belmonte further said.

Meanwhile, Business Permits and Licensing Department (BPLD) head Margarita Santos said the online system has helped improve the numbers of business permit applications in the city.

“Well, sa data po namin, nag-a-average na po kami ulit (this year) ng 1,200 monthly na new businesses from January to date [Well, in our own data, we are again now at an average of 1,200 monthly new businesses from January to date, this year],” Santos said.

The BPLD head explained that these numbers are higher than the same months last year which averaged only from 800-1000 new businesses monthly.

For his part, City Administrator Michael Alimurong said that having 95% of transactions for business permit applications and renewals being done online is a clear statement that the anti-fixer and anti-red tape campaign of the city government is becoming effective.

“The number that is really a testament (that the anti-fixer and anti-red tape campaign is effective) is how many people are using the system,” Alimurong pointed out.

However, despite the success of the digitalization of business permit applications and renewals, as well as other business-related transactions, Santos reiterated that BPLD, together with other concerned city departments and government agencies, will continue to intensify the campaign against fixers. (ai/mtvn)

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