NGCP again places Luzon power grid under yellow alert status

NGCP again places Luzon power grid under yellow alert status

By Tracy Cabrera

MANILA — With reserves falling below the capacity of the country’s largest generating unit, the Luzon power grid has been placed under the yellow alert status, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) said in a statement.

According to NGCP President Anthony Almeda, the yellow alert level status was placed due to the thinning of power reserves in the grid due to unplanned unavailable energy after several plants went on a forced outage.

“A yellow alert is raised when reserves fall below the capacity of the largest generating unit. In this case, the grid had a total unplanned unavailable energy of 1,592 megawatts (MW),” Almeda explained while noting that the decision was made was after the forced outage of the QPPL, SLPGC 1, SLPG 3, SLPG 4, GMEC 1, GMEC 2 and Calaca 2.

The NGCP had earlier reported 12,186 MW of available capacity against the 11,282 MW of operating requirement, bringing the net operating margin to only 469 MW.

Last week, the Department of Energy (DoE) reiterated that the NGCP should follow its mandate of ensuring uninterrupted power supply in the country following the issuance of a directive due to a transmission line tripping that caused power interruption in the Luzon grid that affected millions of consumers.

The NGCP placed the Luzon grid on red and yellow alerts over the weekend due to “generation deficiency,” which triggered power interruption in the franchise areas of the Manila Electric Co. and other distribution utilities in Luzon.

In reaction, the DoE stressed that the NGCP should immediately resolve the transmission line issues, submit a list of affected customers that experienced power interruption, and explain the details of any incident. (ai/mtvn)

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