Pangasinan town exec promotes ‘anti-epal’ policy

Pangasinan town exec promotes ‘anti-epal’ policy

BINMALEY, Pangasinan – Newly-elected Mayor Pedro Merrera III is focusing his agenda on transparency and public accountability.

This, after Merrera signed on Thursday his first executive order (EO) titled “An act providing for the use of the official seal and or official name of the municipality of Binmaley on all local government unit owned and funded projects and properties.”

In an interview, he said the projects are paid by the people’s taxes thus should not be credited to the government officials.

“No need to put our face or abbreviations because it is paid by the people. We are just entrusted with it,” he added.

Merrera assured there would be transparency and check and balance in his administration.

“Public office is a public trust. These (projects from their taxes) should be known by the people,” he said.

The full content of the EO is not yet disclosed to the public as it still has to undergo the approval of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Pangasinan prior to its implementation.

Meanwhile, Merrera said he will first address issues and concerns within the municipal government.

“We need first to provide the needs of the departments of the municipal government, including the provision of gasoline,” he said.

Merrera said part of his agenda are waste management, implementation building code, agriculture, tourism, and the traffic situation in the town.

“We need to fix the dump trucks and provide gasoline so the collection of garbage continues,” he said.

He also plans to revive the fish center in the town, as well as further improve the baywalk area here.

Merrera also considers in-water transportation as one way to address traffic in the town. (PNA)

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