Fake police collared in QC

Fake police collared in QC

Aurello Ramos IV (25) is seen in the photo being accosted by a police officer inside Camp Karingal after he was arrested after he allegedly shot a scavenger at D. Tuazon corner Lourdes Castillo streets in Barangay Don Manuel last July 03, 2022.

Initial investigation revealed the victim was walking in the middle of D.Tuazon St. and was warned by the suspect with his car horn but the former did not budge instead, he spit on the suspect’s SUV.

This apparently got the ire of the suspect — clad in a fake police uniform — who then fired upon at the victim with his caliber 45.

The suspect now faces a frustrated homicide case and usurpation of authority as he was wearing a police uniform that was only allegedly bought through online shopping police said.

(Ieshua Jai-Ren Asuncion/BENJAMIN CUARESMA

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