Stradcom clarifies salient points in published articles at MTVN

Stradcom clarifies salient points in published articles at MTVN

MANILA — Today, Thursday, 14 July 2022, MTVN received a letter of complaint from Stradcom, former IT provider of the Land Transportation Office, asking for rectification “to published articles mentioning Stradcom” bylined by C. Delos Angeles that we are publishing now in toto.


12th July 2022

Managing Editor
Maharlika TV News
Sto. Tomas City, Batangas

Subject: Opposition to published articles mentioning Stradcom

Dear Sir:

I respectfully invite your attention to two stories titled, “Dermalog binubully ng Former Local Partner and “BASELESS” “PURE HARRASSMENT” case against LTO IT Provider Dermalog published on July 8, 2022, and July 9, 2022, respectively, on the Maharlika TV website.

We are writing to express strong opposition to some claims in the articles published that placed Stradcom at a disadvantage.

In paragraph two of the July 8 article, the writer, C. delos Angeles said that when Dermalog was awarded the contract of LTO’s processing of driver’s license, it “was welcome news as they replaced disaster plagued previous LTO Provider Stradcom. (Remember the long lines, years without drivers’ licenses and car plates, worse selling and leaking LTO’s sensitive data online).” Please be enlightened that Stradcom never supplied drivers’ licenses and car plates to the LTO.

It was the company Amalgamated Motors Philippines Incorporated, who then supplied driver’s license cards to the LTO for approximately 30 years, or between 1985 to 2015, when they were replaced by Allcard Plastics Philippines, Inc. – as also very possibly related to the card shortage issue that the writer, C. delos Angeles was referring to in the article. The car plates, on the other hand, were supplied by Trojan Computer Forms Manufacturing Corporation and J.H. Tonnjes E.A.S.T. GmbH & Co. KG Joint Venture, which was awarded the contract in 2017. A basic online check from reputable news organizations that covered the license and car plates stories can confirm the personalities involved in this issue. Stradcom has been the BOO privatization contract proponent/partner of the LTO-IT Project, the multi-billion peso IT infrastructure, and nationwide system facilities that automated and streamlined LTO’s processes and transactions.

Never has Stradcom been a supplier of the LTO’s driver’s license cards and/or vehicle license plates.

Moreover, C. delos Angeles’ statement regarding the selling and leaking of LTO’s sensitive data online is unfounded and libelous. It was the website that is the perpetrator of the breach. Stradcom is not in any way connected to this site. Any information used to provide or enable the so-called services has never been sanctioned, condoned, or even known by us, nor were we previously aware of its operation, organization, ownership, or purpose. Meanwhile, under paragraph four of the July 9 article, C. delos Angeles said that Dermalog “have recently been awarded as the IT provider of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines in management and printing of our country’s driver’s license, replacing the previous long time disastrous IT provider, Stradcom.”

As the proponent of the LTO-IT project, we have witnessed how disastrous a manual system for processing government transactions such as those related to drivers’ licenses and motor vehicles can get. The LTO-IT project is the first successful government computerization program under the Build-Own Operate scheme. It has helped the LTO increase revenues despite a relatively very minimal increase in the number of its personnel – and that LTO, to date, has completed the automated transaction processing of over 300 million customer transactions since the LTO-IT project first commenced.

The LTO-IT project is a public-serving and nation-building Project that has been proven for years to bring in much-needed billions of Pesos in revenues to the Republic (making LTO among the highest revenue earners of the national government). It delivered processing of motorist transactions in a conveniently automated environment, securely stored and administered a huge government database, interconnected nationwide offices across the archipelago, and provided aid to law enforcement through timely provision of data for authentication/verification of records – among others – perhaps the writer, C. delos Angeles, would do well to first be better informed in order to offer a more educated (and more truthful) opinion of matters of public service.

The public infighting being referred to by the writer in paragraph five of the July 9 article is already a closed case. In 2011, the Supreme Court has ruled on the ownership of Stradcom, putting to rest the internal corporate dispute. The high court ruled that Cezar Quiambao is the real owner of Stradec, which was then the biggest single shareholder in Stradcom.

It is also not true that Stradcom suspended operations because of the infighting and that it affected its services to the government and the motoring public. As a further testament to how Stradcom has time and again been proven to be a true partner of the Republic and the motoring public, we recall when one prior administration failed and refused to release or pay the Computer Fees due Stradcom for IT services duly rendered for a period of roughly four (4) years – during which time Stradcom nonetheless continued to operate and maintain the LTO-IT project and delivered all its corresponding services. As the unfortunate and unjust scenario resulted in a great financial burden for all concerned stakeholders (our stockholders, lenders/creditors, employees, contractors, etc.) of Stradcom, it also threatened to cease the LTO-IT services benefitting the LTO and the motoring public. This danger to public service was finally resolved with the assumption of the last administration.

Therefore, I would like to request the writer to please rectify the mistakes and ensure that such mistakes should not be repeated in the future, otherwise, we shall be compelled to consider taking necessary steps of action against your company.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Stradcom Corp

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