‘Killer landslide’ looms in Minglanilla, Cebu; may hit thousands of residents

‘Killer landslide’ looms in Minglanilla, Cebu; may hit thousands of residents

Photo by Antero “Jun” Caña

By Junex Doronio

MINGLANILLA, Cebu — Heaven forbid but a potential “killer landslide” may hit thousands of residents due to quarries in this first-class municipality despite warnings by environmentalist groups to local government officials.

Some residents noted that soils have started to crack and traces of water from beneath have surfaced as tons of soil were extracted from the mountain barangay of Guindaruhan.

“Mga lokal nga environmentalists mibahad nga posibling liboan ka mga tawo ang malubong patay sa gikahadlukang mamamuno nga landslides kung tugutan ang pagsige ug hakot sa tinoladang yuta gikan sa ginubang kabukiran sa Minglanilla (Local environmentalists have warned that thousands of residents would be buried alive due to a potential killer landslide if tons of soil extracted from the damaged hills in Minglanilla continue),” hard-hitting radio commentator Antero “Jun” Caña told Maharlika TV.

He added that this warning was aired after the visit of members of Concerned Citizens Against Corruption (CCAC) – Minglanilla Chapter, Oust/Resign Elanito Peña Movement, Philipine Journalists for Environmental Protection and Preservation (PJEPP), Association of Cebu Media (ACM) and lay leaders of the Roman Catholic church and other Christian congregations to the mountain barangay of Guindaruhan.

Local environmentalists expressed fears that aside from Barangay Guindaruhan, the barangays of Tunghaan and Tungkop and neighboring sitios would also be possibly flooded which may kill thousands of residents.

Caña further bared that the “massive destruction” of the mountains started during the past administration of former Mayor and now incumbent Vice Mayor Elanito Peña who “strangely” did not lift a finger to stop the quarrying activities.

Millions of tons of soil from hundreds of hectares have been hauled by quarry operators who may have been granted permission for delivery to some reclamation projects.

Pena could not be reached for comment as of this posting. (ai/mtvn)

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