Maggie Wilson cries foul after estranged husband’s staff barged into her home illegally

Maggie Wilson cries foul after estranged husband’s staff barged into her home illegally

MANILA— Maggie Wilson cried foul and is now appealing for help from authorities after the staff of her estranged husband Victor Consunji barged into her home illegally meaning there was “no notice, no warrant, and no proper paperwork.”

The incident happened in Maggie’s home in Taguig City at about 4PM on Friday, July 15, 2022.

On her Instagram account, Maggie shared the videos, which was taken by her sister.

Her sister’s video showed the staff of VCDC at DMCI—the companies both owned by real estate mogul Victor Consunji—who entered her home together with other staff of the barangay.

According to report, they served notice to padlock the house.

According to a certain Bernie Mendoza, “Since pag-aari po ito ng DMCI, ise-secure po namin. Ang gagawin lang po namin, papalitan lang po namin ang padlock. At kung ano man po ‘yung mga gamit na nasa loob, kung hindi man po sa amin, ay puwede pong doon tayo sa opisina para makuha.”

When the staff of the VCDC and DMCI and the barangay men have entered the house, Maggie’s relatives showed the contract which states that the actress-beauty queen has the right to stay in that house.

“They then laughed, very loudly, and left the property,” Maggie said after they saw the papers.

Maggie was out of her home when the incident happened because she is currently on a business trip.

Maggie cried “harrassment at intimidation”  with regards to the incident.

“I am currently away on business and I’m scared for mine, and my family’s life,” she stated.

Maggie felt the harassment that happened so she is seeking the help of authorities.

She appeals: “I urge our government and others to please step in and do something immediately.

“I plea with you and the online community to help me raise awareness that this kind of human rights harassment happens in the Philippines. Especially to women. Day in and day out.”

Maggie showed on her Instagram that her electric power has been cut off. She said there was no brown out since her neighbours have power in their homes.

VCDC and DMCI have not given their statement regarding Maggie’s complaint.

It was in September 2021 when Maggie and Victor announced their separation after 11 years of being married.

In their joint statement, it was stated that even if they go separate ways, they will be “partners” in taking care of their son Connor.

In Maggie’s post on her Instagram then, “We want you to hear it from us directly. Vic and I have made the difficult decision a while back to separate.

“It’s been challenging to say the least, but we want you to know that there is no animosity between us.

“We will always love and support each other no matter what.

“We will always be family as we share our beautiful son, Connor, together.

“We have remained really good friends and partners and will continue to do so.

“Both of us want nothing more than for each other to be happy.”(ecd/mtvn)

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