Guanzon says two former maids filed complaint against Ruffa Gutierrez

Guanzon says two former maids filed complaint against Ruffa Gutierrez

MANILA—Two former housemaids of Ruffa Gutierrez filed a complaint at the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) just recently.

This was according to Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon.

On her Twitter account,  July 20, 2022, Guanzon showed the document from NLRC which said that the actress is being invited to a mediation conference this coming July 27, 2022 at 11AM.Guanzon is the number one nominee of Komunidad ng Pamilya, Pasyente at Persons with Disabilities o P3PWD party-list.

However, she has not yet been officially seated at the Congress due to pending petition at the Supreme Court.

Guanzon said that Ruffa’s former housemaids approached her since they also came from the same province in Negros Occidental.

According to her caption (published as is): “The 2 former kasambahay of Ruffa G na taga kabankalan negros occidenral filed a complaint in the NLRC for backwages and damages.”

Guanzon was the first to publicize the issue regarding Ruffa and her two former housemaids on July 7.

She narrated a story on Twitter thru a blind item about two housemaids who were kicked out by their employers and were not paid their salaries.

Guanzon’s tweet said: “My friend has to rescue two household helpers who were thrown out of a first class village by their employers without paying their salaries. Where is your compassion?”

Nobody paid attention to her tweet until she named the person in her blind item, which is Ruffa. She asked the actress if there is truth to the story that reached her. But Ruffa denied the issue.

According to Ruffa, the two housemaids who stayed in their house for only two weeks quarrelled with their governess who has been in their household for almost 18 years.

Ruffa clarified: “Hello Ms. Guanzon, No it’s not true.”

This was followed by a long statement from the actress’ lawyer.

Ruffa has no reaction yet about this new blast from Guanzon. (ecd/mtvn)

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