FLAG-Maharlika calls for unity in protecting loyalist ES Rodriguez vs well-funded machinery of fake news

FLAG-Maharlika calls for unity in protecting loyalist ES Rodriguez vs well-funded machinery of fake news

Executive Secretary Atty. Vic Rodriguez

By Junex Doronio
July 23, 2023

MANILA — Stressing its loyalty and support to the unity call of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the anti-graft Filipino League of Advocates for Good Governance-Maharlika (FLAG-Maharlika) on Saturday assailed the spread of disinformation and “fake news” on the supposed resignation of lawyer Vic Rodriguez as Executive Secretary of the PBBM administration.

Rodriguez has flatly denied the resignation rumors, saying he was at his office all the time.

“We, the Filipino League of Advocates for Good Governance-Maharlika, a group of civic-minded Marcos loyalists, call on all Filipinos to unite and support one of our own, a true loyalist, a diligent worker, a friend to our beloved President, Executive Secretary Atty. Vic Rodriguez,” FLAG-Maharlika lead convenor Aio Bautista said in a statement.

He noted that the “disinformation and fake news” recently leaked online and in the mainstream news that Rodriguez, a long-time ally and the face of BBM presidential campaign, has resigned from his post.

“On July 23, 2022, it could be clearly seen in his face-to-face with the media held in the Office of the Executive Secretary in Malacañang, that this rumor is far from the truth, that he is instead in his usual self, dispensing his regular duties,” Bautista pointed out.

He further said that the recent election has been unprecedented in the overwhelming victory for Marcos Jr., being “the first majority president in the recent history of the Philippines,” with his mantra of unity for the entire country.

The FLAG-Maharlika stalwart said through decades, millions of Filipinos have banded and stood together behind the Marcoses and identified themselves as “Loyalists”.

“This has been and will always be the trademark for those who serve our President: Loyalty,” Bautista stressed.

He added: “Loyalty is fashioned through trials like gold refined through the fire. Despite all the fake news, criticisms, and attacks, we, loyalists, held together and fought back. This election has been our vindication for all our support and for uniting as Loyalists through the years.”

The FLAG-Maharlika has warned of the potential sabotage of PBBM’s unity call.

“However, similar to the tools that were used against our President and the Marcos family, these same tools are being used to break apart our team of loyalists. Since the enemy failed in stopping the Marcos family from returning to Malacanang, the new goal is to remove all Loyalists from power and to surround our President with puppets of the oligarchs, opportunists, and gold diggers,” FLAG-Maharlika cautioned.

“Let us not be fooled by fake news. Let us bring back integrity in journalism. No one should be asked to answer for ‘chismis.’There are proper venues like the courts which should be used. We should unite behind one of our own and protect our government from the well-funded machinery of fake news by non-loyalists and fanatics of disunity who only want to possess power,” it added.

FLAG-Maharlika said Rodriguez had steered the recent presidential campaign to victory.

It can also be noted that when many laughed before at Rodriguez’s unwavering fight to prove BBM was cheated during his Vice Presidential campaign, this overwhelming victory vindicated him and the Marcos family.

“In Latin there is a saying, ‘Fides Super Omnia,” which means ‘Loyalty Above All.’ We remain loyal to our fellow loyalists in government in support of our President BBM’s plans for a united country to make our country great again: BBM — ‘Babangon ang Bayan Muli,'” Bautista concluded. (ai/mtvn)

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