‘Katips’ movie gathers 17 nominations in 70th FAMAS

‘Katips’ movie gathers 17 nominations in 70th FAMAS

By Evelyn C, Diao

(Major cast cast of “Katips” (from left: Carla Lim,Nicole Laurel Asensio, Vice Tanada, Adelle Ibarrientos and Johnrey Rivas)

MANILA—“Katips,” the movie which tells the story of students fighting for freedom in the middle of a force too big for them to control, gathered 17 nominations in the 70th FAMAS Awards which will be held on July 30 at the Metropolitan Theater at 4PM.

“Katips” got nominations in the following categories:

Best Picture by Philstager’s Films;  Best Actress- Nicole Laurel Asensio; Best Actor- Vince Tanada, Jerome Ponce; Best Supporting Actress- Adelle Ibarrientos Lim; Best Supporting Actor-Mon Confiado, Johnrey Rivas;

Best Screenplay- Vince Tanada; Best Cinematography- Manuel Abanto; Best Production Design- Roland Rubenecia; Best Editing- Mark Jason Sucgang;

Best Musical Score- Pipo Cifra; Best Original Song- Manhid and Sa Gitna ng Gulo both by Pipo Cifra and lyrics by Vince Tanada;  

Best Visual Effects – Outpost Visual Frontier, John Joseph Tan; Best Sound – Outpost Visual Frontier, Don Don Mendoza.

Originally titled “Katips: Mga Bagong Katipunero,” the film started as a musical stageplay in 2016 and won the Aliw Awards for Best Musical Performance on the same year. The play was written with the help of a historian to make sure the chronological accuracy of events is given justice.

Philstager’s Film producer and director Vince Tanada was so overwhelmed as he and the crew of his production company kept going up the stage to receive their plaques of nomination during the FAMAS nominees night held at the Sampaguita Gardens recently.  

“We are so grateful for this, because to be nominated in the FAMAS is already tantamount to winning. This is the oldest award-giving body for films in the country,” he said.  

Vince Tanada, a lawyer by profession, who is behind this project, pursued his artistic passion by starting the Philippine Stager’s Foundation, Inc. (PSF) in 2001 with the objective of educating as many youths as he can and train as many artists with the passion and talent for the theatre, and eventually grew to be the Philippine’s premiere and biggest touring theatre company.

However, the pandemic greatly affected its dedication to bring its musical plays when at that time, the company was averaging 500 performances a year. It was part of the company’s artistic thrust to educate audiences all over the country, not only in the power of the arts but in teaching the young and old alike about the knowledge of history in whatever form it will take.

In the heat of the pandemic, Philstager’s Films was born as a web-based media outfit to keep the artists passion burning and to somehow give work to some of the company’s displaced talents. 

And for almost one year, with an ever-growing viewership and engagement, they believe that the time has come for the small film outfit to grow, hence, “Katips,” the movie.

“What a better way to do it but magnify one of its successful musicals into the big screen?,” Vince exclaimed.

Vince said that the screenplay, which he did and also gathered a FAMAS nomination, the movie has undergone a revamp without affecting the narrative.  

“I did this to make sure that the film remains neutral in its political stand and only continues as a statement of facts about the realities of the 70s until the latter 80s through the eyes of fictional students who might have very well been real people in the guise of different names.”

He also directed the film–also nominated for Best Director—and he shot the movie using various styles. “Since it is a musical, this is incomparable to any other historical musicals that has ever been done in the country so far. Using pseudo-realistic techniques and metaphors, the movie is an exploration on how vast a filmmaker can make use of music, lights, visual effects and symbolisms in order to deliver as poignant as a life-changing as reality, experienced first-hand will be for viewers,” Direk Vince explained.

The cast of “Katips” include: Jerome Ponce, Vice Tanada, Mon Confiado, Johnrey Rivas, Lou Veloso, Nicole Laurel Asensio, Adelle Ibarrientos, Sachzna Laparan, Joshua Bulot, Vean Olmedo, Carla Lim, Patricia Ismael, Dexter Doria, Afi Africa, OJ Arci, Ricky Brioso and Liam Tanare.

“Katips” will be shown on August 3 in theatres nationwide alongside “Maid In Malacanang”. Direk Vince, who believes their movie will make it at the tills, leaves a challenging message to the viewers—which movie will tell the truth?  #katips

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