FVR dies of Covid at Makati Med

FVR dies of Covid at Makati Med

Ex-president FVR (phcorner.net courtesy)

MANILA — Ex-president Fidel V. Ramos succumbed to complications of Covid-19 at the Makati Medical Center Sunday (31 July 2022) afternoon.

He was 94.

Elected as the 12th president of the Republic of the Philippines, Ramos served the country from 1992 to 1998 and is acknowledged as the driving force of PH behind the renewed investor confidence during his term.

And for this, the Philippines was recognized as a budding “tiger economy” of Southeast Asia.

Ramos studied at Westpoint in the United States and as a military man, he rose from the ranks to become the chief of the Philippine Constabulary.

He also served as Vice Chief-of-Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the time of President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. (ai/mtvn)

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