Self-made businessman is new DHSUD chief

Self-made businessman is new DHSUD chief

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — A self-made businessman, who established his career on the foundations of hard work and dedication to craft, was appointed as the new secretary of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Friday sworn into office Jose Rizalino “Jerry” L. Acuzar, the developer behind some of the most prestigious housing and condominium projects in the country, including the internationally acclaimed Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan.

Born to a humble family in Balanga, Bataan, Secretary Acuzar built his successful career in real estate practically from scratch. A hard-worker and multitasker, he toiled as a cutter-welder in his older brother’s iron workshop while completing a vocational course in drafting at the Bataan National School of Arts and Trades, now the Bataan Peninsula State University.

In his pursuit to further his studies, Secretary Acuzar eventually moved to Manila to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Proving to be a self-starter, he set up a small welding business in Quezon City, which was only one of his means to afford school as he was also working as a draftsman in Tondo, Manila.

A few years fresh out of college, Secretary Acuzar established New San Jose Builders, Incorporated which eventually skyrocketed as one of the country’s well-known developers.

This success can undoubtedly be owed to the leadership and performance-based and hands-on management style of Secretary Acuzar.

Perseverance and dedication to craft, along with his stern yet affectionate leadership, are what Secretary Acuzar is taking with him as he moves into his “new home.”

Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary Melissa Aradanas, DHSUD officer in charge prior to Secretary Acuzar’s appointment, welcomed the latest development as a “huge boost” to the housing sector.

“With his long experience and successful background in the real estate industry, I am very optimistic that DHSUD is in good hands,” Assistant Secretary Aradanas said.

“Rest assured Secretary Jerry sir that the One DHSUD Family will be all-out in supporting your leadership,” she added. (ai/mtvn)

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