VPSD slams Makabayan bloc for misleading public on Salugpungan schools

VPSD slams Makabayan bloc for misleading public on Salugpungan schools

By Rjhay E. Laurea

MANILA — Vice President Sara Z. Duterte slammed the Makabayan Bloc for allegedly twisting the real story on the closure of Salugpungan schools in Davao City and the red-tagging of Eufemia Cullamat.

“From the Bagobo Tagabawa dress that I wore to the SONA to Salugpungan schools shut down in Davao City and the red-tagging of Eufemia Cullamat — we have clearly seen how Makabayan Bloc is desperately spinning things around as they scramble to make sense in a world that has already rendered them inconsequential,” Duterte said in a statement.

She further explained, the Salugpungan schools in Davao were all shut down in 2019 because the schools were not serving the interest of the learners — that is to provide them with basic education.

“The Salugpungan schools in Davao were all shut down because they lacked permits and documents that would have lent legitimacy to the existence and operations of the schools,” she added.

The Salugpungan schools were shut down because they were illegally operating and the schools were run by teacher volunteers who allegedly had links with the terrorist group New People’s Army, the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

“They may have the genuine passion to serve IP (indigenous people’s) children and the desire to see IP children emancipated from illiteracy, ignorance, and perhaps poverty, but this passion has been misplaced, stolen, and lost in the ideology of the NPA,” the vice president pointed out.

Duterte said the Salugpungan schools were shut down because it was not helping DepEd-operated schools fill in the education gap for the learners — except maybe for subjects dedicated to the indoctrination of the children by the volunteer teachers whose real assignments were to groom the children and prepare them to join the armed terrorism of the NPA.

The Makabayan Bloc criticized Vice President Duterte for wearing a Bagobo Tagabawa dress during SONA despite shutting down IP schools in Davao.

“With (their) member partylist groups suffering the tragedy of losing during in the election last May — and this is something that speaks volumes of their relevance today and could, even more, speak volumes of their contribution to nation building, or the apparent lack of it — now attempts to make the Filipino public believe that their intentions are noble when they curiously started this tit-for-tat with a criticism of that Bagobo Tagabawa dress I wore to the SONA,” Duterte said.

Duterte warned the Filipino people not to believe in Makabayan Bloc’s drama and the group can’t be beneficial to the nation.

“The dress that I wore to the SONA and why I wore it doesn’t really interest Cullamat and the rest of Makabayan Bloc. They can lie about it but the Salugpungan schools that we shut down do not also matter to them. And the IP children being potential recruits of the NPA is something that’s within their political agenda so it’s only convenient for them to turn a blind on eye on this,” Duterte revealed..

“The Filipino people should not fall for the fakery being peddled by Makabayan Bloc or to this disgusting deliberate effort to twist the narrative to favor their interest and the interest of the NPA, CPP and NDFP,” the vice president’s warning said.

On the other hand, Duterte is happy that Makabayan Bloc was purged in Congress because this will protect the young generation.

“More Filipino families can now sleep soundly at night and wake up in the morning hopeful that their children will get the education that they truly need — not from the Salungpungan NPA-influenced instruction being forced by the Makabayan Bloc to us,” Duterte disclosed. (ai/mtvn)

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