VP Sara devotes time to exposing Makabayan bloc’s lies

VP Sara devotes time to exposing Makabayan bloc’s lies

By Rjhay E. Laurea

MANILA — An aggrupation of militant party-list known as Makabayan bloc received a solid follow-up punch from Vice President Sara Z. Duterte with the latter saying that she always has time to expose the lies and deception of the said Congressional alliance.

“Opo, may panahon tayo para sa Makabayan bloc. Panahon para tuluyan nang wakasan ang kanilang panlilinlang sa sambayanan (Yes, we have time for Makabayan bloc. Time to totally end their deception to our countrymen),” Duterte said in a statement.

The vice president said for how many years nobody had the guts to expose the truth about the Makabayan bloc but she is determined to do it now.

“Marami na ang naloko ng Makabayan bloc. Magaling sila sa propaganda at sanay sila sa pagsisinungaling (The Makabayan bloc deceived so many people. They are good at propaganda and lying),” Duterte further said.

The alliance already brainwashed so many young Filipinos and was able to encourage them to join the rebel-armed group New People’s Army (NPA) the vice president, who also serves as Department of Education Secretary said.

Duterte added that the group made the youth get involved in a war that they don’t completely understand. A war that will never prosper because it will be against their fellow Filipinos.

“Ilang pangarap at magandang kinabukasan na rin ba ng mga kabataan ang hinayaan ng Makabayan bloc na masira sa loob ng maraming mga taon? Ilang kabataan na ba ang namatay bilang NPA? (How many dreams and a better future of the youth did the Makabayan bloc allow to be destroyed for so many years? How many young people died as members of the NPA?),” Duterte questioned.

The vice president emphasized that telling the truth about the real connection between the Makabayan bloc and the terrorists NPA, Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) is not red-tagging or terror-tagging, it is just simply telling the truth.(ai/mtvn)

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