VP Sara Cries Foul on Bello’s Tirades

VP Sara Cries Foul on Bello’s Tirades

By Rjhay E. Laurea

LIMASAWA, PANGASINAN — Vice President Sara Z. Duterte broke her silence over accusations of human rights advocate Atty. Walden Bello linking her to the cyber libel cases filed against him.

Bello was arrested yesterday (August 9) around 5:00 pm in Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City by operatives of Project 4 Police Station of QC Police District (QCPD).

He was arrested by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by Hon. Retrina Espe Fuentes, Presiding Judge of Regional Trial Court, Eleventh Judicial Region, Branch 10, Davao City dated August 8, 2022, with Criminal Case Nos. R-DVO-22-04357-CR and R-DVO-22-04358-CR with a recommended bail of P48,000.00 each due to violation of R.A 10175 or CyberCrime Prevention Act of 2012.

“When I was a child, my father gave me sound advice — never listen to attacks hurled against our family. And I took it to heart during my VP campaign. I never shared my spotlight with Walden Bello despite the offensives he launched against me,” Duterte said.

The vice president said that instead of putting her attention to Bello’s criticisms she focused on drilling her education platform in all the rallies that she could muster.

“In fact, I have never filed a libel case in my life. Criticisms do not deserve even a backward glance because the accomplishments of Davao City under my leadership are already set in stone,” she added.

Duterte said, instead of deflecting blame, playing the victim of an imaginary case of political persecution, and dragging her into his legal woes, she suggested that Mr. Bello be reminded of the fact that a civilized and democratic society does not respect hubris.

“The right to freedom of speech and expression does not protect anyone from defiling the name and reputation of others,” Duterte said.

“I expected him to know that Filipinos have a distaste for those who commit crimes and commit crimes with impunity,” she further said.

The second highest official of the country even said that Bello’s claim that he was charged with “silly” cases was clearly derision of and an insult to the Prosecutors and the time and effort they put in to uphold the rule of law.

“Mr. Bello — supposedly a respected international educator and a human rights activist — took it so low and displayed a disgraceful version of himself, making him the perfect poster boy of someone we hope our children will not become when they grow up,” Duterte pointed out.

According to the vice president, Mr. Bello should focus on salvaging what remains of his dignity and self-respect, and she is asking him to stop obsessing over her — and stop blaming her for his fall from grace. (ai/mtvn)

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