‘Education on Wheels’ visits Smokey Mountain

‘Education on Wheels’ visits Smokey Mountain

Students listen intently as a professor discusses a lesson during their face-to-face classes inside and Education on Wheels (EOW) bus in Smokey Mountain on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

The EOW is a project of the state-run Polytechnic University of the Philippines and partner organization, Sandiwaan Center for Learning.

PUP installed a whiteboard and provided laptops and Wi-Fi that the students could use for in-person classes.

The EOW bus-converted classroom is designed to go directly to the target communities, taking education to the doorsteps of the many youths who are unable to attend school due to financial constraints.

It can accommodate up to 40 to 50 students, equipped with collapsible tables, chairs, and whiteboards.

Solar panels were also installed to provide energy for air-conditioning and other electricity needs inside the bus.

(Kiara Lauren Ibanez/BC/ai/mtvn)

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