COA demands Stradcom to turnover LTO Database

COA demands Stradcom to turnover LTO Database

Leaving a Legacy by C. de los Angeles

In the Commission on Audit’s 2021 annual audit report of the Department of Transportation it clearly states:

“Compel Stradcom to turn over the LTO database…”

According to Dermalog spokesperson, Atty Nikki de Vega, as early as 2018 when the LTO bid their IT project it was clear that the former IT provider had to turnover the database. Even if the servers are owned by the previous IT provider the People’s data belongs to the government and to the LTO. It must be readily available to the LTO and should a new IT provider be selected it should be made available for the migration however this has not been the case.

The new LTO chief Guadiz complained last week of the lines at the LTO and threatened to bring back the previous IT provider, Stradcom without haven spoken to its current IT providers, Dermalog. After backlash from his pronouncements the LTO chief Guadiz back tracked this week and issued a press release stating he had no intention to change LTO’s current IT partner Dermalog.

Netizens online around the country have been posting of the excellent experience in their drivers license renewals some as fast as 10 mins as experienced by a certain Jon Jamora who posted in his facebook and processed it in LTO Davao.

“LTMS works and is ready. Dermalog’s terms of reference among other things was to build and customize the LTMS program for the LTO and pilot in 24 sites around the country. This has been completed and Time and Motion studies by the LTO shows that LTMS is much faster than the previous program used made by Stradcom. The LTO issued a certificate of completion and final acceptance last 2021. What remains is LTO’s rollout which is already 97%. The remaining 3% comes from the new registrations which for reasons unknown to us remains with Stardcom. There is term called GiGo or Garbage in Garbage out. The small minority of the delays experienced comes mostly from motor vehicle registrations. Since new registrations remain with Stradcom and when they transmit their faulty data it has to be manually corrected that is where the delay occurs.” Explains Atty de Vega.

“Let us complete the LTMS rollout 100% and migrate all the data to LTO’s new system so the public can feel the ease and speed of processing at the LTO,” stresses Atty de Vega.

This problem has caught the attention of Congresswoman Bernadette Herrera who delivered a privelage speech last August 9.

“What particularly caught my attention is that the LTO chief, Assistant Secretary Teofilo Guadiz, openly lambasted its existing IT supplier, and in the same instance, actually commended the agency’s previous contract holder. He even went as far as saying that the old supplier was ‘welcome to bid for their previous contract, should things go south between the LTO and its current IT provider,'” Herrera said.

“Considering his position and the substantial amount involved in the contract, this statement may be considered imprudent or highly irresponsible, to say the least. If anything, it may give rise to public speculation on why the LTO appears to be in a rush to find a new IT supplier – or in this case, revert to a previous one – when they have a signed, active agreement with an existing corporation,” she added.

She said that based on the stipulations of the 2016 phase-out agreement that the LTO had with its previous supplier, Stradcom, the agency has full and complete ownership of all collective and individual databases and requires Stradcom to turn over these crucial databases to the LTO and the supplier that replaced them. This is also the main difference between Stradcom’s contract with the LTO where they will Build Operate and Own the system and charge the public fees which results to billions of profit for Stardcom. Under the new system developed by Dermalog the program and the data are owned and operated by the LTO without charging any fees to the Public.

However, Herrera said that her initial inquiries revealed that Stradcom had apparently not turned this data over and this is even stated in the most recent 2021 COA report.

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