Dermalog reiterates need of database from Stradcom and 100% use of LTMS during meeting with LTO Chief

Dermalog reiterates need of database from Stradcom and 100% use of LTMS during meeting with LTO Chief

DERMALOG, LTO’s information technology (IT) provider for the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) finally met with Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief, Assistant Secretary Teofilo Guadiz III last August 10 after previous requests remained unanswered.

During the meeting, LTO Chief Guadiz assured Dermalog that the LTO is committed to honoring their contract despite issuing memos mandating the use of Stradcom, as well as his public announcements on possibly terminating the contract with Dermalog and inviting previously cancelled IT provider Stradcom to take over. LTO Chief Guadiz also committed during the meeting to recalling these memos, but as of today, the memos have yet be recalled.

Dermalog reiterated that all functions of LTMS have been ready as evidenced by the issuance of Certificate of Completion and Final Acceptance by the LTO last year. Dermalog has delivered 100% (software, hardware, support of roll out to LTO) based on the Terms of  Reference. It is the responsibility of the LTO to roll out and use their own system which was created for them. As of today, the roll out is 97% based on LTO and the remaining portion is due to the undelivered database in the custody of Stradcom which the Commission on Audit likewise flagged and requested LTO to “compel” its return. On top of this, LTO’s insistence to retain NEW Registrations with Stradcom, despite the LTMS being ready, is also causing further confusion and delay. This is long past the phase out period as agreed between LTO and previous IT provider, Stradcom.

This is the primary reason for the delays for a minority of cases, as well as the payment of unnecessary fees by the public which would otherwise be FREE with LTO’s LTMS. Under the previous IT provider, Stradcom, on top of fees paid for by the LTO, they also charged “computer fees” to the public which reached billions.

Dermalog assured LTO that once the database has been migrated from the custody of Stradcom and LTO approves the 100% use of all the functions of the LTMS, the public will feel the ease and speed of the service. In fact, under LTMS, renewals may already be done at the convenience of their own homes, if LTO allows Dermalog to turn on that function which is readily available.

Another meeting between the LTO and Dermalog will be scheduled in the very near future, especially to resolve the database in the possession of Stradcom and the 100% use of LTMS.

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