VP Duterte asks Samarnons to support for peace building

VP Duterte asks Samarnons to support for peace building

By Rjhay E. Laurea

CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar — Vice President Sara Z. Duterte asked for the Samarnons’ support in her thrust on peace building to achieve national security.

In her visit to the Visayas region, Vice President Duterte said she expects the Samarnons will not support groups that will try to destroy or bring down the government.

“I call on the people of Samar to support the government in building a nation that is more than equipped and ready for disasters. And more than that, I request you to not give your support to groups or people who want to destroy or bring down our government. Ang gobyerno ang inyong kapares, partner in nation building. And the government will always be behind the people of Samar. That is our commitment,” Duterte said.

She also praised the Samarnons for their resilience in surviving disasters in her speech during the 181st anniversary of the province.

Duterte said Samarnon’s strength was shaped by their experiences in overcoming various challenges including the forces of nature.

“Samar Day celebrates the undying will of people to survive in the face of adversity. You give us the real definition of the word resiliency,” she said.

Withstanding the adversities of time, Samar has also evolved into a province with honed resources and economic assets.

“Now classified as a Class A Province, Samar is proof that relentlessness, determination, and hard work are essential in the pursuit of our collective aspirations,” she said.

Duterte said she hopes that these values would “inspire and unite the entire nation as we aspire to make the Philippines stronger.”

Duterte, who previously served as Mayor of Davao City, recalled their journey from struggles of service delivery due to the concentration of rebel groups.

This anti-insurgency program of the city government is known as ‘Peace 911’ — which influenced the disintegration of the NPA’s Guerrilla Front 55.

Duterte stressed that the government is committed to protecting the people and the nation, but also emphasized to Filipinos that the advancement of this cause relies heavily on community participation and faithfulness to the country.

“I am here to reiterate the commitment of the government to everyone. It will not be easy, as it has not been easy for the past 50-100 years for the Philippines, but if we work together in one direction, there will be small gains that will add up each day to become a very big change for our country,” she said. (ai/mtvn)

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