Resumption of F2Fclasses good for economy — Cayetano

Resumption of F2Fclasses good for economy — Cayetano

By Liza Soriano

MANILA — Senator Pia Cayetano pointed out Friday (19 Aug 2022) that the implementation of face-to-face classes this year would greatly benefit students and businesses after holding online and hybrid classes for almost two years.

“Our children have suffered greatly because of the closure. There are no ways to really make up for the loss of time. To a certain extent, it was beyond their control. But to another extent, I regret that we did not move fast enough to really give them the opportunity to go back to school,” Cayetano said.

“And now that many private schools have opened, I am very happy to see anyone who has young children, who have friends with young children — the joy in their faces is apparent. Just to see their friends, their mental well-being is addressed,” she added.

The senator cited that the previous administration has mentioned that P1.9 trillion in losses were incurred each year in the economy because of the closure of schools.

“Schools are actually economic hubs, so when the schools were closed, all the outlets, carinderia, carts that sell whatever snacks the kids eat, the small suppliers, school supplies, ballpen, notebook, paper, and all up the supply chain were all affected,” Cayetano said. (ai/mtvn)

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