CA panel approves Estrella’s appointment as DAR chief

CA panel approves Estrella’s appointment as DAR chief

By Liza Soriano

Conrado Estrella III (PIA courtesy)

MANILA — Conrado Estrella III was confirmed as the ad interim secretary of agrarian reform by the Commission on Appointments (CA) committee on Tuesday.

Sen. JV Ejercito made a motion to support Estrella’s appointment to the CA plenary, and that motion was followed by the recommendation. Ramon Guico Jr., a representative for the fifth district of Pangasinan, seconded it.

Senators Francis Tolentino and Cynthia Villar, as well as Congressman Rodante Marcoleta, had previously voiced support for the confirmation of Estrella’s appointment.

Estrella stated during the CA panel hearing that as long as the area in question is not irrigated, he has no issues with any property transactions.

This stance is in accordance with President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s directive, he continued.

“I have no objection so long as the land to be converted is not irrigated because that is the instruction of the president. If it is irrigated or irrigable, do not convert,” he said.

“Now, if it is in the highly-urbanized areas and already ripe for commercial or residential or industrial purposes, which will open up or create additional employment and business and livelihood opportunities for our people, why not?” he added. (ai/mtvn)

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