PNVF chief Tats Suzara named to important FIVB post

PNVF chief Tats Suzara named to important FIVB post

MANILA — The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) reaffirmed the appointment of Ramon “Tats” Suzara as Secretary of the FIVB Volleyball Empowerment Commission during the FIVB 38th World Congress held over the weekend in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

In the same event, the FIVB also named Suzara, president of the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF), as a scrutineer for the 2022 World Congress.

“The FIVB Volleyball Empowerment Commission is tasked to strengthen and empower national team programs around the world,” said Suzara, who was joined in the congress by PNVF secretary general Donald Caringal. “As a national federation representative, we are so proud to be chosen here.”

The program, Suzara said, covers 222 national teams. He is joined in the commission by representatives from Canada, Kenya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Maldives.

Suzara said the commission will draft the best guidelines on how to improve national team programs. This includes the assignment of foreign coaches, friendly matches, and exposures.

“They’re all aimed to enhance competition levels,” said Suzara, adding that a naturalization policy is also tops on the commission’s agenda.

“We are here together with the five other countries to help the FIVB create policies that will strengthen all the national team programs,” he said. “It’s not only the Philippines but the entire world.”

The Congress also tackled the 2023 Volleyball Nations League (VNL) with the Philippines again guaranteed to host one leg. The PNVF hosted a women’s and men’s leg last June at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. (ai/mtvn)

PHILIPPINE National Volleyball Federation President Ramon “Tats” Suzara addresses the FIVB 38th World Congress in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

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