Imee urges telcos to upgrade customer’s personal data protection

Imee urges telcos to upgrade customer’s personal data protection

By Liza Soriano

MANILA — After the final version of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act was approved by both chambers of Congress, Senator Imee Marcos issued a warning to telecom companies about upgrading their standards on safeguarding the personal information of their consumers.

While the SIM Act awaits the sign of the President, text scammers who promise instant money or fake jobs will continue to evade carriers’ data security measures, according to Marcos.

The senator said that telco customers will also continue to be susceptible during the 180-day transition period when current pre-paid and post-paid subscribers will be compelled to register their SIMs should the law takes effect.

“Those who have bought new SIM cards are reporting scam messages even before they have made their first online transaction. So where is the data security breach taking place?” Marcos asked.

Marcos acknowledged that telcos have spent billions on beefing up the security of their subscriber databases but added that laxity and the temptation of gaining huge profits can undo the work of lawmakers.

“We can’t deny that scam texts also translate to millions in income for telcos. Mandatory SIM registration, should it become law, will not be an instant solution and will need the utmost cooperation of telcos,” Marcos said.

Besides improving digital security, the senator suggested that telcos also improve packaging security that prevents vendors from sharing pre-paid SIM card numbers with scammers.

Marcos pointed out that pre-paid SIM cards make up the majority of telco subscriptions because these are cheaper and easily available.


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