Marcos vows to support media practitioners, protect their rights

Marcos vows to support media practitioners, protect their rights

By Liezelle Soriano

MANILA — President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has vowed to support the working media and protect their rights, saying that they have a significant role in the society.

“Under my lead, we will support and protect the rights of the media as they efficiently perform their duty,” he said.

“Whatever difficulties we may encounter from this point on, the government will always be ready to lend an ear and to listen to your concerns, and to answer all that you may want to know,” Marcos added.

The President said that his administration will continue to communicate with the press to strengthen their partnership.

“You may rest assured that we continue to articulate our plans for the members of the media,” he said. ” We will not be your leader, but we will be your partner.”

Earlier, Palace said that they would investigate the killing of radio broadcaster Percy Lapid (real name Percival Mabasa).

“The Office of the President, particularly President Marcos, is concerned with what happened to Percy Lapid,” Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Hubert Guevarra said.

“In fact we have been instructed to take a look at the conduct of the investigation on the ambush of him last night,” he added.


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