MASO urges PBBM for gradual DH deployment ban, encourage foreign investments

MASO urges PBBM for gradual DH deployment ban, encourage foreign investments

MASO Vice President for OFW Ram Base (left) poses for a souvenir photo with Sheikh Hassan Nasser Jassim M. Althani, member of the ruling Royal family of the State of Qatar, (2nd from right), together with Recardo Castaneda, Chairman of Royal Business Club, after a potential investment meeting.

By Junex Doronio

MANILA – Saying that Filipina domestic helpers are the most often abused workers abroad, the socialist humanist Maharlika Solidarity (MASO) on Monday urged President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to gradually prohibit the deployment of DH as it also called on the government to ensure full employment and fair wages.

Ram Base, MASO Vice President for OFW Sector, noted that in his 15 years as an OFW he had encountered many DHs who silently suffered maltreatment from their foreign employers.

He said the victims were forced to endure their hardships due to a lack of employment opportunities and low wages in the Philippines.

“Panahon na upang unti-unti nang itigil ang pagpapadala ng mga DH sa iba’t ibang bansa kung saan sila ay naaabuso lamang. Iminumungkahi po ng MASO sa administrasyong BBM na magkaroon ng empleyo sa sariling bansa at makatarungang pasahod upang hindi na makikipagsapalaran pa sa ibayong dagat ang mga manggagawang Pinoy at mawalay sa kani-kanilang pamilya,” Base, a former PCSO executive assistant and Manila councilman, said.

He also proposed that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) should take the lead in enticing more foreign investors but they should provide full employment opportunities and just wages to Filipino workers.

Recently, some senators floated the idea of a deployment ban on Pinay DHF to countries practicing the Kafala system–mostly countries in the Middle East–to prevent future abuses of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) abroad.

It was learned that the Kafala system requires migrant workers to have an in-country sponsor, usually their employer, who is responsible for their visa and legal status.

Founded by a descendant of Lapu-Lapu on July 7, 2022, coinciding with the foundation anniversary of the Katipunan, MASO advocates Socialist Humanism and a mixed economy that balances industrialization and modern technology with the full development of productive and creative potentials of individuals under a free and democratic atmosphere.

MASO also aspires to a Unitary Parliamentary system of government and draws inspiration from the welfare societies which include Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Kuwait, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. (ai/mtvn)

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