Padilla files bill to protect delivery riders

Padilla files bill to protect delivery riders

By Liza Soriano

MANILA — Senator Robin Padilla has filed a bill that would protect the delivery riders from hoax orders.

Senate Bill 1385 seeks to require delivery service providers to pay riders in full in cases where there is a cancellation of confirmed orders.

Additionally, it aims to severely punish individuals who place fictitious orders, cancel them without cause, refuse to accept unpaid orders, and engage in any of these actions.

“The predicament of our food and delivery service workers from unjustified cancellation and hoax orders amid the soaring fuel prices has put them in a very challenging state. To make matters worse, the drivers are left with no recourse in some instances as the perpetrator uses fraudulent means such as fake names and contact details,” Padilla said in his bill.

“The proposed measure ensures that riders are paid in full by the delivery service provider in cases wherein there is a cancellation of confirmed orders. More so, it mandates proper customer registration with mobile phone applications, websites, or other platforms by providing valid proof of identity and residential address,” he added.

While Padilla acknowledged that employment opportunities for delivery riders and drivers have increased recently, he also pointed out that these individuals face challenges when conducting online transactions, including the cancellation of confirmed orders, hoax orders, and customers who refuse to accept unpaid orders.

About 90 percent of 100 food and service delivery riders in a poll conducted by the Institute of Labor Services in 2021 reported having “canceled” food orders or package delivery requests.

A rider often pays P441.14 out of their own cash for such cancellations. (ai/mtvn)

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