By Glen S. Ramos

LABRADOR, Pangasinan — The Department of Health (DOH)-Ilocos Region yesterday (Friday) bestowed the Regional Pingang Pinoy award to the municipality of Labrador in Pangasinan Province for winning the “Pinggang Pinoy Panalo: PaMEALyang Masagana, Pagkain ay Masustansya” contest conducted from July 29 to August 4, 2022.

Labrador LGU has entered the Vallejos Family from Barangay Uyong, as an entry to the contest showcasing their basic food preparations which includes ensuring that food is safe for consumption, cleaning preparation equipment, separating ingredients, ensuring that foods are cooked to the right temperature and proper storage of prepared foods.

Regional Director Paula Paz M. Sydiongco extended her congratulations to the LGUs efforts in promoting and encouraging families in the communities to prepare healthy meals. “Eating healthy meals is important in preventing obesity and non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases”.

“The ‘Pinggang Pinoy’ contest aims to contribute to these nutritional deficiencies through the promotion of healthy eating habits and encouraging families to prepare daily eating meals beneficial to the health of every member of the family,” Sydiongco added.

The contest also aims to mobilize LGUs to intensify the advocacy on nutrition, counseling and education.

According to the 2021 Operation Timbang Pus (OPT+) Result, the prevalence of underweight and severely underweight among preschool children ages 0-5 years old in Region 1 is 2.51% or 3 out of 100 (low weight for age); 3% or 3 out of 100 are overweight and obese (weight for height); 4.21% or 5 out of 100 are stunted and severely stunted (low height for age and with acute chronic long-standing malnutrition); 1.60% or 2 out of 100 are wasted and severely wasted (low weight for height and with acute malnutrition).

Sydiongco also emphasized that families should encourage their children to consume healthy diets while they are young to prevent the increasing problem of being overweight and obese which is also attributed to poor diet and inadequate physical activity.

“We are surrounded daily by fast food stores and we are consuming diets that are energy-dense, high in fat and simple sugars, and less of fruits and vegetables. And unfortunately, every Pinoy is more likely to search for the most affordable food or meal available for themselves and their families.”

“Even so, we need to instill health consciousness among Filipinos on the foods they often eat and what nutritional value they can get from the foods they eat,” she emphasized.

The Municipality of Labrador was given a plaque of recognition while the Vallejo family was awarded a cash prize amounting to ₱25,000 as an incentive. (ai/mtvn)

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