‘Middleman’ sister seeks help from Sen. Tulfo

‘Middleman’ sister seeks help from Sen. Tulfo

By Liza Soriano

Advocates Philippines photo courtesy

MANILA — Given the facts she has access to, the sister of the slain middleman in the broadcaster Percy Lapid’s ambush murder sought Senator Raffy Tulfo’s assistance to ensure her safety.

The sister of Jun Villamor, alias “Ate,” a prisoner at New Bilibid Prison (NBP), disclosed that she knows the names of three people who may be responsible for his brother’s strange and unexpected murder on Monday in his program “Wanted sa Radyo.”

It should be mentioned that Villamor was apparently named by confessed gunman Joel Escorial as the person who provided the orders to kill Lapid prior to his untimely death.

The sister told Tulfo that Villamor messaged her through Facebook messenger at 11:59 am on October 18, just a few hours before his death, and bared the names of three inmates who should be investigated should he be killed in prison.

Tulfo, for his part, advised Villamor to not announce the names of three suspects publicly and said he would have her discuss the information with the Department of Justice (DOJ) off-air instead.

“Unfair sa tatlo kapag binanggit na ang pangalan nila on-air dahil malaki ang posibilidad na ipapatay sila,” Tulfo cautioned.

Tulfo maintained that he did not want the names of the three people to be broadcasted to the public to protect them, as well as secure that they could still stand as witnesses to the case.

To ensure the proper investigation of the pertinent information “Ate” wished to divulge in relation to Villamor’s demise and also ensure her safety, Tulfo coordinated with DOJ Secretary Boying Remulla. (ai/mtvn)

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