Angara: Convert quarantine facilities to evacuation centers

Angara: Convert quarantine facilities to evacuation centers

By Liza Soriano

MANILA — Senator Sonny Angara is eyeing the conversion of quarantine facilities to evacuation centers, saying that plenty of facilities are no longer being used.

“We want to see the utilization rate of these facilities and I suspect that many of them are no longer being utilized now,” the senator said.

“We can put them to good use by converting them as evacuation centers for families affected by the typhoons that hit our country several times in a year,” Angara added.

Making facilities as evacuation centers would be a relief to schools as it was commonly utilized for individuals affected by typhoons.

“Instead of suspending classes indefinitely after a storm hits a locality, having these isolation facilities available for use by the displaced families, together with the multi-purpose courts or gymnasiums, will spare the schools and ensure the continuous education of our students,” Angara pointed out.

Angara also said that COVID-19 cases are getting fewer and patients with mild symptoms are usually having home quarantine. (ai/mtvn)

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