Pilar Mayor Arnold Perez thanks CCC for endorsement, transmittal of his town’s seawall project to DPWH central office

Pilar Mayor Arnold Perez thanks CCC for endorsement, transmittal of his town’s seawall project to DPWH central office

MANILA – Mayor Arnold Perez of Pilar, Capiz yesterday (Saturday, 12 Nov 2022) thanked the Climate Change Commission for endorsing and transmitting his municipality’s flood and storm surge mitigation project request to the Department of Public Works and Highways main office in Port Area, Manila recently.

“We take this as one big step towards the realization of this project and we are thankful that we found an ally in Climate Change Commission (CCC) Commissioner Albert dela Cruz whom we strongly believe is fully supportive of our cause for a dream long nurtured by Pilarenos to come into fruition,” Perez said.

“And we are very much thankful for this, for him and DPWH main for accepting our request.”

“Under President Bongbong Marcos’ watch, we are confident and optimistic our dream of having a seawall as protection against storm surges to the four (4) immediate coastal barangays in our town will soon become a reality,” Perez added.

Actually, the town of Pilar is politically subdivided into 24 barangays, 10 of which are located along the shoreline of Sibuyan Sea but four (4) barangays is of immediate concern according to the mayor.

A scion of a true-blue Marcos loyalist family, mayor Perez is planning to pay DPWH Secretary Manuel M. Bonoan a visit any time soon and so with CCC Commissioner Albert dela Cruz to personally thank the two ranking government officials for their help and to also take the opportunity to check on the status of his town’s request.

Based on the study of the local engineer, construction of the seawalls in the municipality would greatly help mitigate storm surges, perennial flooding, and erosion of land in the four (4) barangays namely: Natividad, Poblacion, Rosario, and Binaobawan.

When finished, it will have a length of at least five (5) kilometers as such, the town plans to construct it one at a time or in four (4) phases or stages from one barangay to the next but interconnected up to the final phase.

In his letter to President Marcos, mayor Perez explained that the said project “would be of great help to the Municipality as a coastal defense against erosion, floods, and storm surges. It would also ensure our beautiful shoreline as well as maintain the sustainability for the environment and wildlife.”

“If properly designed, managed, and constructed, the long stretch of seawalls once finished, could also serve as a tourism attraction and fitness venue, and stroll area of the town in the province and a business opportunity too to our constituents as Pilarenos can put up food stalls that will cater to promenaders and joggers alike through the long stretch of the seawall,” mayor Perez said.

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