By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — The Philippine National Police Provincial Police Office Region 7 (PRO7) has made significant accomplishments in its ability to solve motorcycle riding suspects’ illegal activities and the peace and order situation in Central Visayas.

And the stats could improve even more with the launching of Bisdak Cop Riders (BCR) program which is envisioned to be an efficient force multiplier in fighting crimes the PRO7 said.

Citing the data as of Thursday (10 Nov 2022), PRO7 Director Police Brigadier General Roderick Augustus Alba said PRO7’s crime solution efficiency is at 80.77 percent.

Crime clearance efficiency, on the other hand, is at 55.13 percent from January to October this year.

This translates into a reduction in the eight focus crimes from January to October 2022. The data show 20 incidents cleared, 43 solved, and 15 under investigation recorded in motorcycle riding suspect incidents.

The eight focus crimes are murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, carnapping of motorcycles, and carnapping on motor vehicles to serve as the barometer of the peace and order situation.

On Thursday, November 10, Team PNP Region 7 launched another breakthrough initiative called PRO7 Bisdak COP Riders.

It aims to curb incidents perpetrated by criminals using a motorcycle as an instrument and accessory in a crime, and three main objectives for peace and order to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and disorder.

The undertaking was participated by the members of the PRO7 Command group, Regional Staff, Regional Chiefs of Operational Units, PRO7 Bisdak Cop riders from City Police Offices and Police Provincial Offices, stakeholders, and members of the press.

In a statement, PBGen Alba said having Bisdak Cop Riders for crime prevention is time to answer the challenge of these crime perpetrators and give an edge and capability to improve strategies against lawlessness and those who chaos into the peace and order situation in the region.

He said the utilization of PRO7 Bisdak Cop Riders supports the “Oplan Silhig”, a vigorous and unrelenting campaign of sweeping the streets to ensure the safety and security of the public to walk the streets unharmed to hinder the motorcycle riding suspects (MRS) and the opportunity of their criminal intentions.

“Efforts in peace and security involve dedicated work. It is a constant exercise in imparting knowledge and creating awareness, synergy, and commitment. It requires extensive networking and the establishment of relevant linkages for sharing information, experiences, strategies, and policies between the police and active supporters from other agencies and stakeholders, and private sectors with the end view of making every participant an active, informed, and dedicated frontrunner for peace,” he added. (ai/mtvn)

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