Mayor Mike Rama eyes ‘Biggest Loser’ contest for Cebu City Hall employees

Mayor Mike Rama eyes ‘Biggest Loser’ contest for Cebu City Hall employees

By Junex Doronio
November 15, 2022

CEBU CITY — Driving a message that a fit and healthy body reflect self-discipline and professionalism, Mayor Mike Rama is eyeing to have an “ideal waistline” contest to be participated in by all City Hall employees.

The energetic mayor who envisions to transform this reputed Queen City of the South into like Lion City Singapore could not help but express disgust upon seeing several City Hall employees with bulging stomachs during the flag ceremony.

“Please, I’m looking at your bellies. Ang inyong tiyan determines your discipline. I’m not joking. (It) reflects your discipline,” Rama said on Monday, November 14, adding this was not the first time he noticed employees gaining more weight.

To encourage employees to lose weight, Rama said the City Hall will launch a contest starting next month similar to the popular reality show “Biggest Loser.”

“By December, there will be a parade of beauties, parade of men, and we will have an undertaking (on what will be the ideal waistline),” Rama announced.

He said City Hall workers who will be able to achieve a “sexy body” in a span of seven months will receive their awards in time for the celebration of Independence Day, on June 12 next year. (ai/mtvn)

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