By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — PRO7 Director Police Brigadier General Roderick Augustus Alba, graced the Awarding Ceremonies of “Sugbusog sa Estasyonan Season 2,” and the “Sugbusog sa Eskuylahan Season 2” launch for next season, on Wednesday (7 Nov 2022).

He served as one of the esteemed guests during the ceremony where he gave emphasis on strengthening the consciousness and importance of food security and sustainable livelihoods for the preservation of economic stability in the entire province of Cebu.

“Today we rally together with one common goal and that is to provide Sugbuanons the window for food sustainability and self-sufficiency through backyard farming and the provision of skills training on livelihood-generating ventures for economic recovery and upturn, “BGen Alba said during his speech at the Capitol Social Hall, Provincial Capitol, Cebu City.

In retrospect, the Covid 19 pandemic has caused tremendous economic and social disruption, especially in public health and food systems, and the disintegration of the workforce in the entire country.

The people rely on farmers to grow more crops and to sustain the food source. However, a threat in the fragility of the availability of food sources was seen that prompted the innovative government leaders of Cebu to come up with a very effective and productive economic framework.

The Provincial Government has undertaken several programs to prevent food shortage in Cebu. These programs include the SUGBUsog and the SUGBU Negosyo, a brainchild of Governor Gwendolyn Garcia of Cebu Province.

The SUGBUsog or “Sugbuanong Busog, Luwas, Himsog” is among the several programs launched by the Cebu Provincial Government during the height of community lockdowns to prevent food shortage in Cebu.

In May 2021, police stations in Cebu Province and the Cebu Police Provincial Office headquarters under Police Regional Office 7 commenced their backyard garden serving as the model of the Cebu Provincial Government’s SUGBUsog programs in stations dubbed SUGBUsog sa Estasyonan for food security and sustainability.

Police stations with no space for a backyard garden used containers or recyclable materials to plant vegetables. In addition to providing nutritious veggies, gardening somehow offers a variety of health benefits and fights stress even better than other hobbies which were helpful to police officers coping with their daily tasks.

With this endeavor, BGen Alba expressed his profound gratitude to the pioneering and collaborative efforts of the Cebu Provincial Government headed by the esteemed Governor of Cebu, Hon. Gwendolyn F Garcia, in cooperation with the Department of Education 7, Department of Agriculture Visayas, Technical Education, and Skills Development Authority 7, and local Chief Executives in the provinces of Cebu in efforts to strengthen consciousness on the importance of food security and sustainable livelihoods for the preservation of economic stability, in the province.

“Your Police Regional Office 7 is very grateful and appreciative of this very timely initiative because we also reap significant advantages from this endeavor. It is a reality that economic factors greatly affect the evolution of crime trends. According to an economic theory, crime decreases as economic growth and opportunity begin to improve. It is, therefore, very important for us to assist and support all actions on economic growth and integration,” he said.

To ensure the continued success of this economic framework, the Police Regional Office 7 assures the Cebu community 24/7 in providing quality police service available to everyone and keeps them informed of the police practices and programs through our social media platforms and the local media.

He added PRO7 would diligently employ the three objectives for peace and order – to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime and reduce disorder.

“Your Philippine National Police, Police Regional Office 7 is committed to the continued success of the SUGBO KAHANAS and SUGBUsog Program because we are all stakeholders in our country’s future. This multi-sectoral gathering greatly enhances our solidarity and strength as a region and in achieving our shared goal of continued progress and development for our beloved Sugbo and the rest of the Central Visayas community,” BGen Alba said in his message. (ia/mtvn)

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