DOJ Sec. Boying Remulla meets families of ‘missing sabungeros’

DOJ Sec. Boying Remulla meets families of ‘missing sabungeros’

Families and relatives of the controversial “missing sabungeros” staged a silent protest at the Department of Justice on Friday (02 Dec 2022) as they made an appeal to DOJ Secretary Crispin “Boying” Remulla for justice the 34 missing cockfight enthusiasts.

Eager to help the plight of the grieving families, Remulla then met with at least 16 families of the 34 missing sabungeros and he told them that initial impressions suggest that a group may be behind the incidents.

The disappearances seemed to be an organized act, Remulla told reporters after the meeting.

“Not yet at that level. But it’s a concerted effort. There looks to be a group behind it. May sinusundan silang ganun (they’re following a lead like that),”.

Spokesman for the Department of Justice, Mico Clavano said Remulla told the families that law enforcement agencies would continue looking for the missing sabungeros while investigating their cases.

The families were also asked to come to DOJ every second Wednesday of the month so that they can be updated.

During a meeting Sec. Remulla says that they have agreed to meet regularly to always inform them on the ongoing investigation of and finding of their loved ones.

(Kiara Lauren Ibanez/BC/ai/mtvn) With reports from PNA

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