California governor declares state of emergency ahead of winter

California governor declares state of emergency ahead of winter

WASHINGTON – California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Wednesday ahead of a severe winter storm. 

The emergency proclamation would pave the way for relief efforts including the mobilization of the state’s National Guard to aid in disaster response.

“California is mobilizing to keep people safe from the impacts of the incoming storm,” said Newsom in a statement. “This state of emergency will allow the state to respond quickly as the storm develops and support local officials in their ongoing response.”

In recent days, California has seen heavy rains and snow, with the National Weather Service forecasting snow and strong winds and the potential for additional flooding.

The heaviest precipitation is expected Wednesday evening into Thursday morning in northern California, extending into Thursday night in southern California, according to forecasts.

Residual flooding impacts could extend into the weekend, the forecasts warn.

The governor’s office also warned residents against non-essential travel during the peak of the storm on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Residents were also warned to have enough nonperishable food and water for every member of their household for three days and to turn on freezers and refrigerators only when necessary. (Anadolu)

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