Brazil’s capital placed under state of emergency amid riots

Brazil’s capital placed under state of emergency amid riots

RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared a state of emergency in the country’s capital as supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro staged riots on Sunday.

Da Silva read the decree while speaking to reporters.

“[There is a]decree on federal intervention in the [capital] Federal District in order to contain large-scale violations of public order… until January 31, 2023,” the President said.

In his decree, Da Silva specified that during this period, the federal authorities will assume the functions of managing public security agencies.

He said security functions in Brasilia are legally assigned to the military police of the Federal District, which, in his opinion, “did nothing” to stop the riots.

“I would call it incompetence, unwillingness, or even malice on the part of those responsible for public safety in the Federal District. This is not the first time,” he added.

He added that such inaction by law enforcement officers should not go unpunished.

“They cannot serve in the department, because the Brazilian society does not trust them,” Lula da Silva said.

On Sunday, supporters of Bolsonaro clashed with police in the country’s capital and broke into the National Congress (Parliament) and other state institutions.

Thousands of people joined the riots and raided the Supreme Court, Congress, and the presidential palace. They smashed glass windows and even destroyed artworks.

Socialist Da Silva took office as President of Brazil on January 1, defeating Bolsonaro in the second round of elections.

The conservative refused to admit defeat, and his supporters protested Da Silva’s win. At the end of December 2022, Bolsonaro left for the United States. (TASS)

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