Pope reiterates call for end to ‘senseless’ Ukraine war

Pope reiterates call for end to ‘senseless’ Ukraine war

ANKARA – Pope Francis on Monday called for an immediate end to the “senseless” war in Ukraine, and efforts for a two-state solution between Palestine and Israel.

“Today, I feel bound to renew my appeal for an immediate end to this senseless conflict, whose effects are felt in entire regions, also outside of Europe, due to its repercussions in the areas of energy and food production, above all in Africa and in the Middle East,” he said in an address to ambassadors accredited to the Vatican.

On the Palestine-Israel dispute, he urged both sides to engage in direct dialogue “for the sake of implementing the two-state solution in all its aspects, in conformity with international law and all the pertinent resolutions of the United Nations.”

“Status quo of Jerusalem should be guaranteed and respected,” he said, according to the Vatican News website.

Francis also reiterated his call for a total ban on nuclear weapons and stressed that even their possession is “immoral.”

He also reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s opposition to the death penalty and abortion. (Anadolu)

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