Former UK PM: Best time for Marcos to attend WEF

Former UK PM: Best time for Marcos to attend WEF

By Liezelle Soriano

MANILA — It’s the best time for President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to attend World Economic Forum (WEF), according to former British prime minister Tony Blair to promote what’s occurring in the Philippines and raise its profile in the international community.

“So to have somebody to come and articulate very clearly where the country is going, what it’s doing. I think it sends a good signal,” Blair said during his meeting with Marcos in Davos.

In response, Marcos emphasized the necessity for investors to be aware of the current situation in order to develop their plans and argued that consistency is crucial, particularly when dealing with enterprises.

“There should be some kind of stability, some kind of consistency whichever way you’re going. So in terms of policy from the political end, I think it’s important,” the former UK head of government said.

Blair and Marcos also discussed the country’s development plan, which the President said will not only be for economic development but also for the country’s social upliftment.



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